It’s been a while since the last post, so I thought it was time for a quick update. There were some unforeseen distractions that took me away from recording for nearly 2 months, but everything is getting back on track now.

Some time ago, I decided to reformat the way I work to make things a little less familiar. At the moment it still feels like I’m writing with the wrong hand. It’s slowed me down, but at the same time, feels more vibrant. I’d been using the same work method since ‘Agents’, and I want the ‘enemie’ album to have  different feel to previous albums.

One of the problems of working alone in the studio is that there is no external catalyst for change, so i tend to repeat patterns that worked for me previously. It’s ‘safe’ that way, but that approach is a creative trap. Instead, i’ve decided to go with the unfamiliar. I had templates that I worked from – which sped up the production process and were really useful. But I’ve gotten rid of my old templates and setups so that I’m forced to work with a completely new setup. It initially felt a bit like like cutting the strings of a parachute mid fall, but it’s worth it – the results are great.

As I get closer to completion, I’ll post snippets of music to give you an idea of what’s coming.


Corporal crow – yeah, I don’t know, I just liked it.

Adding a little discomfort....

Album Diary

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