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Album Diary

Adding a little discomfort….

It’s been a while since the last post, so I thought it was time for a quick update. There were some unforeseen distractions...

Album Diary

Hmmm, didn’t expect that….

So it’s been 3 weeks since my last post. I was distracted by other things for two of them and then tackled ‘As...

Album Diary
Gerry Owens

What I Am

As the 'Enemie' album is written and recorded, I thought it would be valuable to include the reason and intention behind the song...

Album Diary


It’s the same routine every time I’ve ever started writing/recording an album. Weeks and weeks of procrastination! To be fair, the time is...

Album Diary


I've never done this before, but I want to start off the new web site and new album with a new approach. The...

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